My Camino Route in 2019

My Camino Route in 2019
This year (2019), I will be walking on the Camino Requena and the Ruta de la Lana (Wool Route). Starting point will be Valencia on the Mediterranean coast and ending in Burgos on the meseta (high plains) in Northern Spain.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Caracena 8 October 2019

I thought today would be an easy walk since it was only 10 miles or 16 km. The first half was pretty easy as it was all on asphalt with no good alternative. Once I reached the midpoint at Tarencueña, the way immediately took off on a farm path along the Rio Caracena. At first it was a nice wide farm track through river bottom  fields, but soon became a rough single track through the canyon with several river crossings and some steep scrambles over large rocks. Vultures were circling overhead. It was very wild and scenic and worth the walk. I stopped at the sleepy village (pop. 50) of Caracena at noon rather than walk another 6 miles to the next village that would be questionable for accomodations. I will make up for it tomorrow by walking 18 miles to a larger town. Caracena might be depopulated today, but in medaeval times, it had an important castle and two churches. This region if Spain lost a lot of people in recent years and it is apparent the economy is struggling with reduced services. At least there is a bar at which I was able to have a midday comida and a donativo albergue across the street.

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