My Camino Route in 2019

My Camino Route in 2019
This year (2019), I will be walking on the Camino Requena and the Ruta de la Lana (Wool Route). Starting point will be Valencia on the Mediterranean coast and ending in Burgos on the meseta (high plains) in Northern Spain.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Salamanca 5 October

Yes, I am now a tourist. Even though I walk around some with my pack, mostly to and from the bus stations, the trekking poles are folded up and put away. I left the albergue in Zamora this morning and walked to the bus station, arriving an hour later in Salamanca, where I have stayed several times before. This time I found a pension just off the Plaza Mayor. Instead of seeing the inside of the cathedral again, I found an interesting Art Deco museum, just behind the cathedral. Greg Hodgkins, you would have loved it. The Lis family built this place as their personal home almost a hundred years ago and were avid collectors of Art Deco items from that period of the 20th century. I especially enjoyed the porcelain figurines and the brass sculptures. I could not take photos in the museum so it is hard to convey the beauty of this collection.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Zamora 4 October

I walked into the outskirts of Zamora about 10:30, 16 km or 10 miles. I took pictures of the only  two cylinder John Deere that I have ever seen in Spain, a 1950 Model B mounted outside the local Deere dealer. I saw this tractor a few years ago, but was on a bus and could not get a photo at that time. I had a few hours before the albergue opened, so I visited the cathedral and a few other churches. There is a very high concentration of churches here in the old part of the city, probably 12 or 15 within a few blocks. The cathedral was good, but maybe not as impressive as many others in Spain.

Today ended my walking days for this trip.  I celebrated by buying a bottle of my all time favorite red wine, Vina Pomal (100%) Tempranillo. I had a few sips and it is still as good as I remember.  Plus it is one third the price here in Spain compared to the US. 

I will spend the rest of the afternoon sightseeing in Zamora. Tomorrow I take the bus to Salamanca for a night there. Thursday, I take another bus to Porto to meet up with Kathy on Friday for the Portugal part of this trip.

Zamora's fortress walls

Walking to the cathedral 

The cathedral

View of the Rio Duero from the old city's walls

Montamarta 3 October

I had intended to walk the 17 km to Granja de Moreruelo which was the point at which I left the Via de la Plata two years ago, then take a bus to Zamora. However, after asking several people in the village, there was no consensus that a bus even stopped there. So I keep walking another 23 km to Montamata, where I am staying in the albergue here tonight. It is about 15 km walk into Zamora tomorrow, easy enough. Today's walk was 30 km or about 18 miles. Much of it was along the N-630 highway and not that inspiring.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Barcial del Barco 2 October

The first photos are those of a local group in Alija trying to load their float onto a flatbed truck for its trip to a festival tomorrow in León.

I was only going to walk as far as Benavente today and got there before 1 pm, but no mercados were open since it was Sunday and to find a key for the albergue would have required a steep climb to find it (and it may have been difficult, too, since it was Sunday). Most businesses here still just shut down.

Anyway, I walked on another 8 km to Barcial del Barco, a smaller village. It has a privately run albergue with dinner and breakfast for 18 euro, soI am giving it a try. Total walk today was 30 km or 18 miles.

The walk from Benavente to Barcial was interesting as it parallels an abandoned railway. The interesting part was when I had to get up on the overgrown rail bed to cross the Rio Esla and its floodplain.

At least they used walnuts on the wheel hub. All this took place just outside the albergue.

Walking just as it was just getting light

My lunch stop in Benavente. You can see the steep climb to get the albergue key

The overgrown and abandoned railroad 

The first bridge of four 

The longest bridge 

The Rio Esla 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Alija del Infantado 1 October

Today's 22 km walk turned out to be more pleasant than I hoped with the middle 14 km on an unpaved farm trail paralleling the river. Weather is overcast with a slight wind blowing, about 23 C or 76 F. The municipal albergue here in Alija del Infantado is attached to the old folks home. Hmmm.

Hard to tell that this is the actualCamino path