My Camino Route in 2017

My Camino Route in 2017
This year (2017), I will be walking most of the Camino Levante from Albacete to Zamora I've alloted three weeks in September and October, but may have time at the end for more walking.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

El Pito 22 September

The next albergue from Aviles was 40 km or 24 miles, a bit too far for one days walk right now. So I walked about 15 or 16 miles to the little village of El Pito, just past Soto del Barco and Muros del Nalon. Tomorrow will be my rest day with only an 8 mile walk to Soto de Luina.

On the Salvador, all the walkers were Spanish. Here on the Norte, most seem to be Germqn speaking, plus some Spanish.I don' think that I have met a native English speaking peregrino in a week of walking! Weather is perfect- cool and foggy in the morning and warming up into the 80's by the afternoon.

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