My Camino Route in 2016

My Camino Route in 2016
This year, I will be walking Camino Madrid from El Escorial through Segovia and Valladolid to Sahagun. I will have a few more days of walking and am currently thinking I might then walk from Astorga to Zamora on the portion of the Via de la Plata that I did not walk in 2014. In all it w=should be about 18 days and somewhere between 250 and 300 miles of walking.

Friday, October 16, 2009


The last picture, before I dropped and broke my camera. This is a photo of Greg and I in Melide.

A bit longer walk today, 18 miles, as I wanted to end in a larger town than the small village a few km back. There are now about 25 miles left to Santiago, two easy days. There was a net elevation loss of about 400 feet, but I crossed six river valleys (with rivers), so there was a constant up and down all day.

The weather is still good. No fog this morning, but a brisk and cool wind. This afternoon is sunny and breezy in the low 60's. Greg decided to stop earlier in the day in Melide and take it easier for a few days, one day longer into Santiago. Eric is still walking with me.

It is mid afternoon, nothing open till 5 pm, so I am relaxing here before I go out shopping for groceries later. I had one bit of bad luck today. I dropped my camera while it was on and I think it is broken beyond any hope. Not sure what I should do for the rest of the trip, it is only a week till Kathy will have hers here.

No guesses yet on what I am planning for the next week after I get to Santiago?


  1. I know where you are going, but I have a distinct advantage :-))) Can you pick up a couple disposable cameras? I know you want to take photos of the cathedral and your arrival into Santiago. What the heck, just buy a new camera! After 475 miles, I think you deserve it!

  2. My guess would be............ your going to find a DENNYS and order that large awesome calorie ridden Grand Slam we are famous for. I think though it will be a quite different name, likely even the menu items. Take care. Kevin

  3. Kevin, I have seen two Burger King's, two McDonald's, and zero Denny's in the whole time here in Spain. And the last hamburger I had was in the the US. So much good stuff here, though-caldo gallego, pulpo, fish of all kinds, empanadas, tartas de Santiago, alubias, and on and on. So, you are right, my plans next week do not involve Denny's.

  4. Guess I would be on your side on this one, John.
    No Dennys. New one opened in Oroville, doing 8,000.00 a day. Awesome!