My Camino Route in 2017

My Camino Route in 2017
This year (2017), I will be walking most of the Camino Levante from Albacete to Zamora I've alloted three weeks in September and October, but may have time at the end for more walking.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Redondela Sept 14

And we walked the bridge over the river

and into Spain

Santiago Matamoros, Saint James the Moor slayer

Santiago Peregrino, Saint James the pilgrim

Here's one for Greg, along the road close to the Vigo airport

It was a hot afternoon when we chanced on this country bar. The bar was closed, but the woman who owned it brought out several large bottles of water for no charge and let us cool off for a while. We walked with two German couples and the Austrians, Chris, Gerhard, and Iris

We had a very gregarious host at our evening meal in Redondela. Marge really liked him.

I was not able to find a computer or wifi at all yesterday so I will write this up now and post it when I can.

It was just a short walk to the Rio Miño. We walked across the bridge and into Spain. No passport check so we began the steep uphill climbto the Tui cathedral. It was built on the highest point in town. We went inside and looked around. The were statues of both Santiago Peregrino and Santiago Matamoros. Santiago is generally depicted as either the "pilgrim" or the "Moor slayer". Next was a stop for coffee with the German speaking group that we seem to be hanging with. Since the walk to Redondela was 19+ miles, and Marge has knee pain, and all the Germans are doing it too, we took a bus for about 8 miles from Tui to Mos. That way we escaped most of the industrial zone of Porriño. It was still a total walk of around 11 miles for the day.

Marge has a lot of pain in her knee, even with a knee bandage. I'm the evening she also had some lower leg and ankle swelling. So we have a plan for tomorrow in which she will skip to the next albergue by taxi and I will walk.

We finally found a pergrino menu at a restaurant and ate there with the German speakers. The owner was a real character which made the meal more enjoyable.


  1. Ohhhh I'm sorry you guys missed Porrino! It was a terrific little town, the refugio was good...very good and we totally loved it!! BUt...when your in pain, it's understandable. THe ugliest stretch on the route to Porrino, went thru a large industrial park...and I needed a bathroom. We saw the fire dept., and the guys were washing the trucks...they let us take a break, use the facilities and couldn't have been any nicer...and their place was spotless! Beautiful people in an unattractive environment. :-) Hope things improve for the knee!

  2. Hope Marge's knees are okay! Sounds like a lot of industry and traffic to walk through. Not exactly a hobbit hike!