My Camino Route in 2017

My Camino Route in 2017
This year (2017), I will be walking most of the Camino Levante from Albacete to Zamora I've alloted three weeks in September and October, but may have time at the end for more walking.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Santa Maria la Real de Nieva 22 September

Today's 30 km (18 miles) was entirely through farm country on gravel roads and paths, except for on 2 km stretch of pavement. Mostly wheat, which has already been harvested, grows here. There are some sunflowers standing and the harvest for them is underway right now. I saw where some garbanzo beans have been harvested,too. A lot of walkers would find this meseta farm country boring, but I like it. A good thing as that is what I will be walking through the 200 kilometers or so.

I walked through four small farm villages. They are usually 5-30 houses with a church, maybe a bar, no stores. Not even one bar was open for my morning cafe con leche. A lot of them had closed for vacation signs on them. I've noticed that with many other businesses-it seems like many close for a late September holiday.

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