My Camino Route in 2017

My Camino Route in 2017
This year (2017), I will be walking most of the Camino Levante from Albacete to Zamora I've alloted three weeks in September and October, but may have time at the end for more walking.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Here I go again, this time my sixth Camino

If its September, John must be leaving soon for another Camino in Spain. I will fly to Madrid, arriving on September 18 for my sixth Camino since 2009. This time I plan to walk about 250-300  miles and on a different route than previously. I plan to walk the Camino Madrid, starting just northwest of Madrid in El Escorial, walking through Segovia and Valladolid and then on to the end of this Camino in Sahagun. That should take somewhere around twelve days. I will have a few more days to walk and am thinking of completing the northern end of the Via de la Plata, the part that I did not finish in 2014, starting from Astorga and heading south towards Zamora. Unless y plans change, I don't think I will be in Santiago de Compostela this year. After my walk, I will head by bus to Porto, Portugal to meet up with my wife Kathy and we will visit Porto, the Duoro wine valley, Evora, Lagos and Sagres, then Lisbon.

This 67 year old guy has been preparing by doing a lot of walking around Woodland on the levees of Cache Creek, Yolo Bypass, Ridge Cut Slough, and Sacramento River.

I will try to post daily on my walk, but may miss a day here and there when I can not find internet access. For those who already follow my blog, you should continue to receive an email each time I post. For those who are not yet following my blog, it is easy to do so. Just enter your email at the "Follow by Email" link on the main page of this blog. You will receive an email notification each time I post and, don't worry, you will not be added to anyone's spam marketing list or receive any other kind of advertising. If you want to comment on any of my posts, please feel free to do so.

Finally, I would like to thank in advance the person who makes this all possible, my loving wife, Kathy. She continues to work at her job plus take care of my my business while I am gone, in order for me to be able pursue my passion for walking long distances day after day.

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